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Smart Act

Smart Act is a firm engaged in Consultancy, Recruitment, and Training. Our humble journey started in the year 2016. Through our Consulting vertical, we collaborate with Clients and extend hand-holding support to achieve ongoing & sustainable improvements in the processes of their businesses. Besides, Smart Act assists clients to recruit the right people and develop them continuously to get extremely rewarding results.

From the desk of the Proprietress

To get extraordinary business results, members of any organization need to perform individually and collectively to their best. In this regard, we assist organizations to shape up/enhance skill set of their employees and create a culture of ‘Continuous Improvement’.

It is a matter of fact that business processes of many organizations are over-burdened with losses like low productivity, uncontrolled defects, ill health of equipment, huge inventory, delayed delivery etc. Smart Act harbors the expertise to identify these losses and minimize them if not be eliminated, without any investment as such which result in improvement in the bottom line of the company.

The way we work is not just advisory, we extend hand-holding support. Our focus remains to make improvements SUSTAINABLE.

We have a Team of knowledgeable, experienced and skilled technical personnel who focus on identifying and eliminating losses from the processes to make them highly productive.

Our association and hand-holding support have enabled our clients to improve significantly in the following areas:

  • Condition of Workplace & Safety (6S)
  • Morale of employees
  • Quality
  • On time delivery
  • Productivity
  • Inventory
  • Cost
  • Kaizen implementation
  • Low-cost Automation


We aspire to be the ‘leading’ Consultancy, Recruitment and Training firm, committed towards adding value to Organizations around the globe.


To provide ‘the best’ talents as well as innovative solutions to Industries & Institutions for their growth, development and recognition.

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