“Smart Act has been working together with Tega Industries Ltd. for past few years on Manufacturing Excellence at our plants at Samali & Kalyani. We have experienced significant improvements on Productivity and Cost through Team work and involvement of our employees at both White and Blue collar levels. What is most admirable is the change in focus and attitude by our Supervisors and Managers with respect to wastage, both identification as well as elimination. We propose to continue working with Smart Act to leverage excellence initiatives at Tega Plants”.

Manoj Kumar Sinha

Director – Global Operations
Tega Industries Limited


“Our Company has gained additional leverage with respect to improvements through ‘Operational Efficiency’ with the assistance of Smart Act. Continuous improvement activities like optimum utilization of space, defect reduction, inventory optimization and other best practices followed by industry leaders have helped us immensely. We will continue to have our association with Smart Act for breakthrough improvements in the key business areas”.

V P Jain

Managing Director
Oscar Equipments Private Limited


“I know Mr. Rajat Roy for a long time, first as a colleague and later as a Consultant of Smart Act. As head of one of our plants, he demonstrated his manufacturing management acumen to transform it into a highly productive workplace. He successfully implemented lean management techniques on the shop floor. As a consultant, he brings his sound and clear understanding of business needs to the table and his initiatives are firmly grounded to the shop-floor and business realities”.

Hirak Ghosh

Head – HR & Administration
Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited


“Our journey of ‘Operational Excellence’ in collaboration with Smart Act has been truly rewarding. A large number of our employees have been trained on the concepts of various Lean Manufacturing Tools like 5S, Kaizen, OEE, SMED, etc. and their implementation methodology. Our Plant has gained substantially from these practices. Amongst a few improvement projects, the ‘Single Piece Flow’ module in Assembly Line has proven to be a great achievement resulting in reduction in cycle time and throughput time. We sincerely thank Team Smart Act for their hand-holding support and guidance”.

Asraful Hossain

AGM – Manufacturing
Ajanta Shoes (India) Private Limited